All of our Negotiation Experts have operated in senior leadership roles outside the training
industry or L&D, actually using the skills that we train in the real world.

Lived Experience

We are a Lived Experience Consultancy. This means that our Negotiation Training Consultants have all lived and breathed the negotiation skills we train in director level commercial leadership roles.

This credibility gives us the power to inspire positive behavioural change in your organisation.


Ever been trained by a well-meaning facilitator with no lived experience of the topic they are delivering?

At best it might have been academically interesting, but lack of trainer credibility tends to equal zero behavioural change.

If you personally lead, sell or negotiate every day, why would you change your approach based on what a generalist trainer read in a book and put onto PowerPoint slides?

Our Negotiation Training Consultants can each point to 15+ years as top performers in commercial leadership roles, delivering their negotiation training and consultancy with the gravitas and insight that only comes with this experience.



  • Negotiation courses all delivered by a genuine negotiation expert with at least 15 years of direct experience as a commercial negotiator.
  • Friendly, inclusive and unpretentious. You won't find any self-proclaimed "gurus" on our negotiation training faculty!
  • Deep expertise in the impact of stress and personal resilience upon negotiation performance.